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Voortman Raspberry Turnover Cookies 300g/10.6oz (Shipped from Canada)

Voortman Raspberry Turnover Cookies 300g/10.6oz (Shipped from Canada)

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Indulge in a delicious treat with Voortman Raspberry Turnover Cookies! These cookies offer the perfect blend of buttery pastry and luscious raspberry filling, delivering a delightful flavor combination that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Crave a taste of summer? Voortman Raspberry Turnover Cookies deliver! Each bite bursts with real raspberry filling encased in a buttery, crumbly pastry. No artificial flavors or colors here, just pure indulgence.

Enjoy them on their own, with a hot drink, or elevate your ice cream sundae. The 300g pack is perfect for sharing or savoring. Real ingredients, real deliciousness - Voortman Raspberry Cookies!

Each bite provides a burst of raspberry flavor complemented by the flakiness of the pastry. Expertly crafted, these cookies ensure a consistent and satisfying experience with every turnover.

The 300g package brings the taste of a classic bakery treat right to your fingertips. Why settle for ordinary cookies when you can enjoy the exquisite flavor and texture of Voortman Raspberry Cookies? Treat yourself to this delightful bakery treat!

  • Soft cookies
  • 0g trans fats
  • Non-hydrogenated
  • Made with real fruit
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