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Voortman Maple Wafer Cookies 300g/10.6 oz (Shipped from Canada)

Voortman Maple Wafer Cookies 300g/10.6 oz (Shipped from Canada)

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Indulge in a classic Canadian flavor with Voortman Maple Wafer Cookies. These delicate and crispy wafers are infused with the sweet and distinctive taste of maple, offering a delightful treat that's uniquely Voortman. Each bite provides a satisfying crunch and a delicious flavor combination that's perfect for any occasion.

The 300g pack of these maple wafer cookies is ideal for sharing with loved ones. Whether you're enjoying a cozy night in or hosting a gathering, these cookies are sure to impress. Pair them with a hot beverage for a comforting treat or enjoy them as a sweet snack on the go.

Voortman continues to deliver exceptional quality and delicious flavors with this Canadian-inspired creation. Treat yourself to the sweet taste of maple in every crisp bite. Voortman Maple Wafer Cookies are the perfect choice for those seeking a light, crispy, and uniquely flavored cookie experience.

  • Real ingredients: Really delicious. Baked with real ingredients. No artificial colours or flavours. No high fructose corn syrup.
  • Natural maple flavour: Real bakers. Real ingredients. Delicious, Here at Voortman Bakery, we think real tastes better.

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