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President's Choice Old-Fashioned Cake Donut Baking Mix, 500g/17.6 oz (Shipped from Canada)

President's Choice Old-Fashioned Cake Donut Baking Mix, 500g/17.6 oz (Shipped from Canada)

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PC Old Fashioned Cake Donut Mix makes homemade donuts easy and fun for any occasion. Simply mix the dry ingredients with milk and eggs, then bake for 18 minutes. The best part is decorating - let your creativity run wild with an assortment of chips, candies, chocolate, nuts, and other toppings. Gather friends and family for a festive decorating party. Judge whose donut takes the cake! With no frying required and a deliciously simple recipe, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without the mess or fuss. PC's donut mix makes it effortless to provide fresh-baked treats for any gathering during the busy holiday season.

  • NO FRYING REQUIRED: Make festive donuts without the mess or hassle of deep frying with our cake donut mix - just mix, bake for 18 minutes and decorate.
  • GATHER FOR A DECORATING PARTY: Bring friends and family together and turn donut decorating into a fun event. See who can create the most outrageous topped donut.
  • ENDLESS TOPPING OPTIONS: From chocolate chips to sprinkles to nuts, feel free to get creative and pile on any and all of your favorite candies and toppings.
  • EASIEST HOLIDAY TREAT: Say goodbye to fussy recipes and complicated cooking. Our mix makes homemade donuts a simple treat perfect for holiday gatherings and gift giving.
  • FUSS-FREE FUN FOR ALL: Whether you're a donut pro or novice baker, our mix takes the stress out of baking. Kids can get in on the decorating action too for mess-free holiday fun.
  • Made in Canada
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