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PC BLACK LABEL Farina For Pasta, Finest Grade "00", 1kg/35.3 oz (Shipped from Canada)

PC BLACK LABEL Farina For Pasta, Finest Grade "00", 1kg/35.3 oz (Shipped from Canada)

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Milled specially for pasta dough, this "00" flour is the finest grade of flour cold-milled in Italy. With a silky soft texture, it's perfect for creating light and delicate homemade pasta or fluffy gnocchi right in your own kitchen. This extra fine flour produces pasta and gnocchi with a wonderful texture that's slightly chewy but not at all dense or heavy. The subtle flavor of Italian wheat comes through in every bite. Use this flour to craft your favorite pasta shapes like tagliatelle, fettuccine or ravioli, and pair it with rich, aromatic sauces for a simple meal straight from the heart of Italy. Pasta nights will never be the same when you start with this premium "00" flour from Italy.

  • Finest Quality: This "00" flour is cold-milled in Italy for a superfine texture perfect for pasta dough and gnocchi.
  • Silky Soft Feel: Milled to the finest grade, this flour has an exceptionally soft and smooth consistency that rolls out beautifully.
  • Authentic Italian Taste: Create homemade pasta and dumplings with a flavor transported straight from Italy using this traditional flour.
  • Fresh Pasta Heaven: Its softness allows dough to be rolled paper-thin for light, delicate noodles that hold sauce perfectly.
  • Gnocchi Glory: Whether baked, fried or boiled, gnocchi made with this flour will be light and fluffy like clouds.
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