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Nestle COFFEE CRISP Caramel Iced Cappucino - Limited Edition, (24ct), 42g/1.5 oz (Shipped from Canada)

Nestle COFFEE CRISP Caramel Iced Cappucino - Limited Edition, (24ct), 42g/1.5 oz (Shipped from Canada)

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The Canadian beverage of the summer is now available in a COFFEE CRISP! For a limited time only, enjoy a COFFEE CRISP Caramel Iced Cappuccino Wafer Bar. This seasonal treat combines the classic flavors of a COFFEE CRISP wafer with the delicious taste of a caramel iced cappuccino. Enjoy the crisp wafer coated in milk chocolate and filled with coffee-flavored creme, now with notes of rich caramel. At just 110 calories, this summery snack is the perfect way to cool off while satisfying your sweet tooth. Its coffee and caramel flavors will transport you to a sidewalk cafe without leaving the backyard. Be sure to pick some up before they're gone for the season - this limited edition COFFEE CRISP brings all the joy of a frothy iced drink right in your hand.

  • Iced Cappuccino Flavor: Enjoy the flavors of a vanilla iced cappuccino with coffee and caramel wrapped up in a crisp wafer cookie.
  • Limited Time Treat: For a limited summer season, satisfy your sweet tooth with this unique Coffee Crisp flavor mashup.
  • Canadian Favorite Since 1939: Coffee Crisp has been delighting Canadians for over 80 years with its crisp wafer and chocolate coating.
  • All in One Wafer Bar: One convenient individually wrapped wafer bar contains all the flavors of coffee, caramel and cream for an on-the-go snack.
  • Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Beat the summer heat with this cool and creamy coffee crisp treat that's sure to satisfy any sugar craving.
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