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Nestea Zero Sugar, 500mL/17 fl.oz (Shipped from Canada)

Nestea Zero Sugar, 500mL/17 fl.oz (Shipped from Canada)

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NESTEA Zero Sugar 500mL PET Bottle We've been sourcing real ingredients like our tea leaves since back in 1948 when NESTEA was first brewed.

That was long before “sourcing real ingredients” became as trendy as brunch lineups and reclaimed barn wood. So you might say that NESTEA, Canada's favourite iced tea brand, has been keepin' it real since forever –– with no added preservatives. So refresh yourself with the crisp, delicious taste of Nestea Zero Sugar lemon iced tea. Nestea Zero Sugar Lemon Iced Tea is always made with real tea for that refreshing taste you love with a splash of natural lemon flavour to keep things crisp.

So when the need for refreshment slides into your DMs, swipe right on the zero-sugar iced tea that’ll satisfy your thirst. Hot summer day is optional. Nestea Zero Sugar Lemon Iced Tea won’t solve all of your problems, but our zero sugar, zero calorie iced tea makes choosing refreshment an easy problem to solve––in just the right sizes. So when you’re searching for summertime refreshment any time of year, think Nestea Zero.

Because Nestea has been real since before it was cool to have real ingredients in your stuff. Real tea, real refreshment.

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