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Monster Energy Assault, 473ml/16 fl. oz (Shipped from Canada)

Monster Energy Assault, 473ml/16 fl. oz (Shipped from Canada)

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Prepare yourself for a flavour assault like no other with MONSTER ENERGY Assault! This high-powered energy drink is ready to unleash its intense taste and electrifying energy to fuel your wildest adventures. Let's break down the key features that make MONSTER ENERGY Assault a force to be reckoned with. First off, the size. Each can is a generous 473 ml of pure energy-packed goodness. Now, let's talk about the taste. MONSTER ENERGY Assault hits your taste buds with a powerful combination of bold flavours that deliver a knockout punch to your senses. It's like a symphony of exotic fruits, mixed berries, and a hint of citrus, creating an explosion of flavour that leaves a lasting impression. Each sip is an assault of intense taste that will keep you coming back for more. But it's not just about the taste—it's about the unrelenting energy that accompanies it. MONSTER ENERGY Assault is packed with Monster Energy's signature blend of caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, and more, providing you with the unstoppable energy you need to conquer your day. Whether you're crushing a workout, pushing through a demanding task, or needing an extra boost to fuel your adventures, this drink has your back. And let's not forget the striking design of each can. The bold colours, combined with the iconic Monster Energy logo, create an image that screams power and intensity. It's like holding a can of liquid adrenaline in your hands, ready to charge you up and help you seize the moment. So, if you're ready to unleash the beast within and fuel your passion for life, grab yourself a case of MONSTER ENERGY Assault. Experience the taste assault, the energy assault, and the unstoppable force that comes with each can. It's time to dominate your day and conquer your goals with MONSTER ENERGY Assault!

  • BIG BAD BUZZ | Get the boost you need to make it through your day with a 473mL Monster Energy Drink
  • SMOOTH & EASY FLAVOUR | Refreshing like a pop, but loaded with the same Energy Blend as Monster Energy Original
  • UNLEASH THE BEAST | Optimized and fortified by our battle-tested Monster Energy blend, Assault will keep you on high alert.
  • 166mg of Caffeine, 200 Calories
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