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Aero Milk Chocolate Bars Case, 24x42g/1.48oz (Shipped from Canada)

Aero Milk Chocolate Bars Case, 24x42g/1.48oz (Shipped from Canada)

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The Aero Milk Chocolate Bars Case – an elegant presentation embodying the essence of luxury and convenience. Meticulously crafted, this case showcases a variety of Chocolate Bars, each offering a moment of pure delight for chocolate enthusiasts.

At the core of this exceptional assortment is the renowned Aero Milk Chocolate Bar, celebrated for its distinctive aerated structure that delivers a silky smooth texture with every bite. Each bar harmonizes rich, creamy milk chocolate, creating a decadent sensation that lingers on the palate.

The dedication to precision and quality that defines the Aero brand. Elevate your chocolate experience with this exquisite collection, savoring the luxurious taste and texture that have solidified Aero as a beloved choice among chocolate connoisseurs worldwide.

  • A “classic” Nestle chocolate bar filled with bubbles of air. Real milk chocolate
  • Delicious Nestle chocolate with various robust chocolate flavors. Easy to share
  • Smooth Nestle chocolate on the outside with the classic Aero bubbly chocolate texture inside. Made with natural flavours
  • Made with 100% Cocoa Plan cocoa, Made In Canada
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