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Kellogg's Vector Meal Replacement Cereal 400g/14.1ozoz (Shipped from Canada)

Kellogg's Vector Meal Replacement Cereal 400g/14.1ozoz (Shipped from Canada)

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Kellogg's Vector Meal Replacement Cereal is a convenient and nutritious option, offering a blend of essential nutrients to fuel your active lifestyle. . Each serving provides a balance of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, ensuring you meet your daily nutritional needs.

The family-sized box offers a generous supply, making it a great choice for those busy mornings or post-workout refuels. Enjoy it with milk or your favourite dairy alternative for a quick and satisfying meal. 

Packed with crunchy flakes and delightful granola clusters, Vector isn't just about taste. Each serving boasts a protein and carb blend, fortified with 22 essential vitamins and minerals. This keeps you energized throughout the morning, without compromising on flavor.

Start your journey towards a healthier and more energetic you with the convenience and nutrition of Kellogg's Vector Meal Replacement Cereal.

  • 2-Pack
  • Fuel for an active lifestyle!
  • Source of Fibre
  • Imported from Canada
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