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Generic Dr Oetker Shirriff Pie Filling, Lemon, 212g/7.5 oz (Shipped from Canada)

Generic Dr Oetker Shirriff Pie Filling, Lemon, 212g/7.5 oz (Shipped from Canada)

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Make perfect pies with this premium lemon filling and meringue topping. Our citrusy filling starts with fresh Meyer lemons for bright flavor, cut with just the right amount of sugar to balance tart and sweet. A scoop of the thick, creamy filling nestles in a buttery homemade crust for a zesty lemon base. Top it off with our airy meringue, crafted to billow peaks topped with a golden brown. Baked to perfection, it forms a light and luscious crown for your pie. Available in convenient sizes - the 212g box makes one 9-inch pie to share, or opt for the 425g box with enough filling and meringue for two pies to feed a crowd. Enjoy a slice of sunshine anytime with our fresh homemade lemon pie.

  • Creamy Citrus Filling: Made with real lemon juice and zest for bright, tangy flavor in every bite of the thick, creamy filling.
  • Flakey Pie Crust: Our tender, buttery crust is the perfect complement to the citrusy filling and light-as-air meringue.
  • Sweet Meringue Topping: Pile the filling high and crown it with billowy swirls of sweet vanilla meringue for an impressive finishing touch.
  • Easy as Pie: Just mix, fill, and bake - our simple instructions mean perfect pie is achievable every time, no fuss required.
  • Dr. Oetker Shirriff Lemon Pie Filling is a Kosher-certified food proudly made in Canada
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