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Celebration 45% Cocoa Fingers Cookies 240g/8.5 oz (Shipped from Canada)

Celebration 45% Cocoa Fingers Cookies 240g/8.5 oz (Shipped from Canada)

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Attention all chocolate enthusiasts! Dive into the irresistible allure of Celebration 45% Cocoa Fingers Cookies (240g), a delectable remedy for your cocoa cravings. These slender delights are generously infused with rich dark chocolate, boasting an impressive 45% cocoa content, promising a truly decadent experience with every bite.

Picture yourself savoring long, crispy cookie fingers enveloped in a velvety smooth coating of dark chocolate. With its 45% cocoa content, these cookies strike the perfect balance between sweetness and a subtle, satisfying bitterness.

The convenient finger shape makes them ideal for snacking on the move or for sharing moments of bliss with friends. 

Crafted in Canada, Celebration 45% Cocoa Fingers Cookies offer a delicious and accessible way to indulge your dark chocolate desires. With 240g per box, there's plenty to satisfy your cravings or spread the joy with fellow chocolate aficionados. Treat yourself to the luxurious pleasure of Celebration Cocoa Fingers Cookies today!

  • Made with real milk chocolate and being peanut free, these finger cookies are perfect for stirring a hot chocolate or coffee.
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